Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Surgery with Regional Anesthesia

The algology team provides the perioperative (during and after surgery) acute pain management for patients undergoing surgery. Most commonly, local anesthesia techniques called regional anesthesia are used here. Regional anesthesia is the process of injecting medication near a nerve cluster to block the sensation of pain from any part of your body that requires surgery, such as the arm, leg or lower back. To achieve this, various techniques are used to manage acute pain, such as single-shot peripheral nerve blocks, peripheral nerve catheter placement, local anesthetic infusions and continuous neuraxial techniques.


Performing surgical interventions with regional anesthesia has many advantages for patients. Some patients do not want to lose control by having surgery under general anesthesia. The patient does not experience fear of general anesthesia. Communication with the patient can be established during the procedure. Since the patient’s consciousness is preserved, breathing is not affected. Effective postoperative analgesia is provided. Patients who undergo surgery with regional anesthesia have almost no postoperative pain. Wound healing is fast. The risk of infection is low. Metabolic and endocrine effects in the body are minimal. It allows general anesthesia to be avoided in patients with serious lung problems. Reduces the need for postoperative intensive care. It allows surgery to be performed painlessly and awake in emergency patients who are full as it prevents vomiting. This prevents the contents of vomit from escaping into the lungs and causing serious problems. The occurrence of deep vein thrombosis and consequent clotting in the lungs is less. Postoperative complaints such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting are less common compared to general anesthesia. Thus, patients can start oral nutrition earlier and mobilize earlier. Accordingly, most patients can be discharged earlier. Early rehabilitation and early discharge of patients prevents loss of work and reduces costs.


For all these reasons, regional anesthesia provides the highest level of comfort and life safety for the patient who will undergo surgery. Thus, regional anesthesia techniques and the use of regional anesthesia for postoperative pain have become increasingly important and popular.

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