Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Endoscope Use in Spine Surgery

The neuroendoscope is used in spine surgery because of its low complication rates and good results. A surgeon using an endoscope and instruments specially designed for the endoscope can perform complex operations on the spine and spinal cord through a small incision as a minimally invasive procedure. The use of technology in surgical practice is increasing day by day.

Recent technological advances in optics, high-resolution cameras, light sources, high-speed drills, irrigation pumps, etc. have made minimally invasive spine surgery comparable to many endoscopic techniques used in the cervical, lumbar and cervical spine. The advantages of endoscopic spine surgery include less tissue dissection, less blood loss, less scar tissue, shorter hospitalization, faster functional recovery, better quality of life and good cosmetic results. Initially, spinal endoscopy was only used in the lower back and disc herniations. Now it is used in the neck and back. It is being used not only for hernias but also for narrow canals, tumors and stabilization surgery. Endoscopic surgery is as successful as open surgery in well-trained hands, with the right diagnosis and the proper planning. For this, very good and detailed imaging is needed before surgery.

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