Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

International Patients

Our International Patient Department works to facilitate the processes related to receiving treatment and healthcare services in Turkey. Our experienced team aims to manage and facilitate the processes both before, during and after treatment for foreign patients.


Our team evaluates the patient’s preliminary information and reports, from the moment the patient and their relatives contact us. Specialist physicians are consulted to evaluate the information of suitable applications. If doctors make a diagnosis with this information and decide on treatment, information about the anticipated treatment processes is delivered to the patient and their relatives as soon as possible. In some cases, an online interview may be held to obtain more detailed information.


Our team meets patients at the airport and accompanies them throughout the entire process. The international patient department provides free translation support. Translation support begins with the meeting at the airport. It continues throughout the entire treatment process. Patients are given our official contact numbers where they can reach us at any time. After the treatment is completed and the patients return to their country, their health is monitored through the same official communication line.

Doctor appointment

During the doctor’s appointment, the patient’s current health file is evaluated along with the patient examination. Additional radiological examinations and laboratory tests may be performed if needed. Our team accompanies patients and their relatives during hospital procedures and treatment processes.

Treatment decision

Once the diagnosis is made, the most appropriate treatment is decided according to the disease and the patient. At these stages, patients and their families are included in the decision-making team together with the doctors. In this way, they understand the disease very well and support the medical team in the treatment decision-making process.

Treatment process

If it is decided to perform surgical treatment on the patient, the first stage is a detailed evaluation of the patient’s general health condition before the surgery in the hospital and preparation for the surgery. Patient advisors and nurses go through the preparation phase together with the doctors. After a detailed preparation, the surgical team takes the patient to the operating room, and the family is informed periodically from the operating room. After the surgery, the patient is closely monitored, and the surgeon gives detailed information to the patient and his family face to face.

Departure and Follow-up

Official documents are given for air travel. Our team accompaniers the patients to the airport. Our official contact numbers are for patients to follow their health and stay in touch after they return to their countries.

All-inclusive fixed-price packages

According to the diagnosis made in the preliminary evaluation, cost information about the treatment is given an “all-inclusive and fixed price” package. If a different diagnosis is made, additional diseases is found, or a complication develops after the patient’s examination and tests, the patient and the family are informed about the fee change.

Our quality and comfort focused facilities

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan (MSO)
  • Making appointments and making travel plans
  • Welcoming service at the airport by our team
  • Translation and translation services
  • VIP urban transportation
  • Emergency telephone contact (24 hours)
  • Organization of hotel and accommodation operations

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