Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Spinal Cord Tumor and Cerebellum Prolapse

I first went to the University Research Hospital, Department of Physical Therapy to be examined in regards to my complaints for neck pain. They referred me to the neurosurgery department because in the MRI, a mass in the spinal cord had appeared.

They said that I should have surgery, but if I do have surgery, there would be a loss of sensation in my fingers. The risks of the surgery were many. I didn’t want to have surgery. My son researched neurosurgeons on the internet.

After seeing Dr. Erkan’s videos and the comments from his patients, I went to Istanbul for an examination. My doctor said that I should have the surgery and my operation was successful, there was no loss of sensation in my fingers.

3 years after the operation, I was diagnosed with cerebellum prolapse. I had symptoms such as headaches, loss of balance and headaches induced by coughing. I went to Dr. Erkan again. He said that I should have surgery, and if I don’t, my pains would increase. I had the operation and it was successful, I was very pleased with my doctor. He was a very caring and good-humored doctor. After the other diagnosis, I did not want to go to another doctor. I am very satisfied with my choice.

Randevu Al

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