Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Lumbar Narrow Canal

Greetings, Doctor

I’m Osman, your patient from Erzincan. I had an illness in the summer of 2018. I was having difficulty walking, with increased discomfort. I even had difficulty lifting my feet off the ground while walking. My colleagues at work were supporting me. Then I applied to the hospital. I was examined by a Neurosurgery specialist. As a result of the examination, I learned that there was stenosis in the spinal system. Surgery was recommended to me, but I was told it would be very risky.

I was told to seek consultation from experienced specialists in metropolitan cities. So I came to stay at my brother’s in Istanbul. We made an appointment with my brother’s daughter, who was a specialist with a private practice in Kadıköy. We learned that this doctor treated hernias with a special corset, and that some patients were recovering. She examined the MRIs I had taken in Erzincan. She told us she couldn’t do anything and suggested finding a neurosurgeon, a specialist in their field, and recommended me to have surgery immediately. She called a Doctor, who was a friend of my brother-in-law, to help us. This doctor invited us to his office, we went to him, and he called his friend Prof. Erkan Kaptanoğlu, explaining the situation.

Dr. Erkan gave us an appointment. He told us that, based on the examinations and analyses, the situation was serious and that I needed an urgent operation. We have decided to have the operation by relying on Dr. Erkan’s vast experience. I had the operation, thank God I got over the bump and got rid of my complaints.

My dear Doctor, I am very glad that I met you. I am grateful to you for your role in healing me and all the patients you operated on. I wish you a healthy and long life. I pray to God that he helps you heal your future patients.

With my Love and Respect.

Randevu Al

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