Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Spinal Cord Tumor

I was hospitalized in a training and research hospital because of a disease, and was having occasional headaches. I’d wanted to be admitted to the neurosurgery department while I was at the hospital and had had an MRI taken with medication.

There was a tumor in my spinal cord. The doctor who examined the MRI, referred me to Dr. Erkan KAPTANOĞLU. I researched for a while and made the right decision. I made an appointment with Dr. Erkan KAPTANOĞLU.

I had surgery after MRI and the necessary examinations, the tumor turned out to be benign and I was completely cured.

Fortunately, Erkan Bey was instrumental in my recovery. I offer my sincerest gratitude, God bless you.

Randevu Al

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