Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

“He who fell off a roof will understand the plight of the one who falls off a roof.”

Turkish Proverb In this section, we give you the comments that our patients wrote on the web or sent directly to us. These are comments on the procedures conducted throughout the illnesses of our patients and the relationships they established with our teams. The purpose of this page is to convey our patients’ experiences to our readers, and doing this, to inform our patients who will undergo similar procedures. The section “Our Patients and Their Stories” in the following pages is reserved for our patients who are mostly providing information about their diseases.

Patient Comments
N. S.

He is very sincere, trustworthy and attentive to his patients, and a treasure of a human being. We wish him continued success.

Y. A.

He’s very good, performed a good surgery on me to help me regain my health.

G. G.

My doctor is the best person I’ve ever met Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu, I am so glad to have you on my side, and so glad to have met you. Thanks to you, I said goodbye to lower back pain for good, and I will strongly recommend you. May God give you a long and healthy life. I’m extremely grateful to my doctor, who is very successful at his job and very caring towards his patients. May your success be everlasting.

S. F.

My daughter’s surgery was performed by him. God bless you, if my daughter is alive today, it is because of you. May God protect our doctor.

A. E. Y.

I have worked at Ankara Numune hospital for 26 years, and I have never met such an excellent human being and successful Neurosurgeon. You cannot be a doctor without being a good person.

I. A.

A great doctor, a great person. The man who creates miracles. I am proud of him as my friend and my doctor.

B. D.

I strongly recommend our humble and highly successful doctor. Maybe we were not so lucky because of our accident, but we are very lucky to have met such an esteemed doctor.

M. B.

My doctor Erkan is a really good scientist in his field. The best thing about him is that he boosts the morale of his patients before the surgery and treatment with his friendly and sincere demeanor. My wife was a patient of Dr. A… B…. and her neck hernia was very advanced. She is now cured thanks to Dr. Erkan. Many thanks to him.

S. K.

He operated on my brother’s son-in-law, he’s a very very good professor.

H. A. N.

He’s great, he places great importance on his patients. He’s the perfect doctor and a perfectionist.

N. D.

He’s an excellent doctor, he cures the incurable.

N. B.

I am proud to know you. A very good person and a great doctor. May God increase his knowledge.

A. K.

God bless him, he performed my surgery. A very admirable doctor.


I consulted with Dr. Erkan, whom I regard as a very good doctor, for my lumbar hernia and narrowing problems, and I’ve been very pleased and have had no problems with him whatsoever. My surgery went really well, and my doctor did my follow ups during this process. I also took my medication, went to check-ups and am still in the follow-up process. When I have a problem, I can call to inform him, so that’s also very nice. I have no problems at the moment, I am fine thanks to him.

A. B.

We consulted our doctor for certain problems my mother was experiencing. He was very helpful in diagnosing the issues, we realized it during the recovery process. He made an excellent diagnosis and an excellent intervention. He was always with us every step of the way and never left our side. At first we were afraid, because he’s a professor and we’d thought he would be busy all the time, but it wasn’t like that at all. Somehow he managed to impress us during this process with his caring attitude. My mother had lumbar slippage and some problems with her spinal cord. There were fractures in her vertebrae (we assume, because of old age). She was experiencing severe lower back pain, was unable to walk and had a curved spine. Now there is no pain, she has recovered and we definitely made good progress. It’s not over yet, of course, but she’s not having pains like she used to, her walk, posture, mobility, everything changed. Even her sleep is regulated now, I can confidently say that we’ve had excellent results.


Mr. Erkan helped me a lot during my surgery for my herniated disc. It was a difficult process, but since he had successfully treated my mother before, I trusted him and decided to have the operation there. Thank goodness I’m fine now, I have no problems. I had gone for a follow-up in the first month, now I’m in my 3rd month and I will go again. Dr. Erkan is an honest physician in this sense, you know trust is very important in these matters (especially for such critical operations). As a result of our mutual talks, I trusted him and he did not leave any question marks in my head. As someone who has had this problem for a long time, I can say that he gives me a lot of confidence and it is obvious that he is good at his job.


We are very pleased with the microsurgery application performed by Mr. Erkan for the time being. In addition, we were very pleased that he was giving us detailed information with his paternalistic, caring and good-humored attitude. On top of being a gentleman, I also think that he is a successful doctor. He conducts our monitoring and check-up process in a very attentive and sensitive manner. In this sense, he is a physician whose support I am very grateful for and satisfied with.


Mr. Erkan is the most perfect physician I have ever seen. This is what I believe, both in terms of his humanity and in a professional sense. So much so that I would give him 10 out of 10 if we were keeping score. I consulted him for a neck hernia operation, had a marvelous experience. He is a very attentive and a very friendly doctor. He continued to perform my follow-ups and check-ups with great success. We were well received every time, I was very pleased with him.


We had a very serious and successful operation with him. We had a consultation with the doctor about my mother’s neck fracture problem. Thanks to him, the patient quickly recovered. Her check-ups still continue, we even have one today. He utilizes the follow-up process really well. He is a physician who is both friendly and easy to communicate with, and he’s very good at his job and very aware of the latest developments.


Mr. Erkan is an excellent person. He came across as more of a brother to me than a doctor. I had a hernia surgery performed by him and he informed me that I shouldn’t be late. He always called and asked before or after the procedures, and told me not to miss my check-ups. He still continues to help with the ongoing procedures, so in that sense I can say that he is an excellent person and therefore I am very pleased with him. I think he did a very smooth job, so I’ve had no problems during the operation procedure. He also told me that instead of placing screws immediately, he first thoroughly cleaned the surroundings of the bone. In this regard, I was quite satisfied with my physician.


I loved my doctor and trusted him very much. Thanks to him, I had a technically successful operation. Now, I can continue with my normal life and even go to work. In this sense, God bless Dr. Erkan and his team for their effort. I was very pleased with their support. I had a herniated disc problem and my left leg was giving me a lot of pain. This pain dated back 16-17 years, I was only standing with the help of injections and drugs. I underwent the operation procedure between September and October. I feel very good even if everything is not quite normal yet. I used to walk like a crab, so to speak. Now I can finally walk upright.


First of all, I’d met Dr. Erkan during the first months of the last year as a result of my research. He was the physician who gave me the most confidence and he made me believe that I could get through this process well. He told me that this operation would be good for me; that I will get rid of my pains and move well in the future.. So I decided to have the surgery by trusting his word. There was a swelling on the right side of my back. I’d thought it was because of the effects of scoliosis. After providing the necessary examinations, we started the process. I am currently in the 4th month of my surgery and I feel very well. My pain is gradually wearing off. He said that after 6 months, I would be free of pain, and that I could return to my normal life after 1 year. Of course, I’ve had a lot of pain during this process, but I think it’s worth it. I maintained my willpower through all of this and I’m happy; so glad that I met Mr. Erkan. He continued performing my check-ups monthly. Of course, this is not an easy process, the patients must also keep their morale high.


I wanted to see him for my back fracture. He performed my operation. I can say that I am standing thanks to Mr. Erkan. My follow-ups continue, and I’m also experiencing a very good recovery process. I believe he’s a top notch physician in this sense. Knock on wood, but if I ever have to live through the same thing again, I would definitely prefer him.


One day while I was doing research on the internet, I found Mr. Erkan in Istanbul and consulted him. He decided to be a hero and operate on me. As a result of a 4,5-5 hour operation, I’ve had a very satisfying recovery process. Now I’m going for follow-ups once every 3 months. Thanks to him, I’m better than before. I used to have to rely on drugs to overcome my pain and couldn’t go anywhere. The screws attached to my pelvis were causing severe pain and numbness in my legs and hips. So much so that I was unable to step on my heels. He removed these screws and arranged them with a surgical operation. Now I feel much, much better. In fact, there’s a leak in my brain fluid bag and I still continue to consult with Mr. Erkan for this problem. Thanks to him, I’m fine.


I’ve had a positive experience with Mr. Erkan. I had unbearable pain and numbness related to my neck hernia. Thanks to him, all my complaints are resolved, so I am pleased with him. My check-ups are also going well, and I’m having no issues. My complaints are gone and I am progressing very well now.


I had a neck hernia surgery in Ankara Numune Hospital in 2006. Thanks to my doctor Erkan Kaptanoğlu, I got rid of all my pains. Before my surgery, my left arm was 75% paralyzed. But it recovered quickly after the operation. In short, I am born again. A thousand thanks.

Randevu Al

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