Prof. Dr. Erkan Kaptanoğlu

Spinal Cord Tumor

Hello, my name is Hüseyin,

I had complaints of severe pain in my neck since December which had made my life really difficult. Every day, every single day I was living with pain. Most importantly, I couldn’t play sports.

Of course I went to a few doctors. As a result of my latest research, I met with Prof. Erkan Kaptanoğlu.

I really would like to thank him for his explanations during our first consultation, his understanding, affectionate, explanatory and humble approach, his professional competence of the highest degree, and for his exceptional personality, as well as for his coordinated conduct in teamwork. I had the operation in March and was discharged 2 days later. It was a risky operation, but I was not afraid at all thanks to the support of my doctor. Two months have passed, those painful and bad days that had reduced my quality of life to zero are now over thanks to you. Sir, I am very grateful to you, I am so glad I found you, so glad that we met, you are always in my prayers.

For their effort in my surgery, I would first like to thank my dear doctor, Dr. Erkan, and his great team, and express my utmost respect and gratitude.

Randevu Al

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